Empowering Students To Find Their Ideal Career Calling Using AI

Brainstack's AI decision making tree can help students and graduates explore their career options. This can lead to a job that is both enjoyable and meaningful, which in turn results in higher job satisfaction and reduced anxiety.

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Why Choose Brainstack?

Mapping Out Knowledge Graph

Assist the student via a series of questions to generate a dataset that stores information in a graphical format – and, importantly, can be used to generate a graphical representation of the relationships between students passion and desired career path.

The knowledge graph will help you understand how much time you should spend on each subject. The graph is based on the subjects that are related to your future career goals. For example, if you want to be a computer scientist, then you need to study math. If you want to be a fashion designer, then you need to study art because you need to understand art history in order to create designs that are not just modern but also have historical context so as not to offend people’s sensibilities. For example, if they love art and want to design costumes then it shows that knowledge of fashion history is required and the graph will recommend an appropriate amount of study hours for this particular area.

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Guided Career Path

An online career exploration assessment to assess work interest, personality, values, skills, leisure interest, exposure to the online media world and career planning. This will not only allow to explore an in-depth career portfolio but also assist in making informed career decisions.

Brainstack’s AI-powered assessment, called the ‘Career Exploration Assessment,’ can help students and graduates explore their interests and personality. This can help them learn about potential careers they may be suited for. The assessments are designed to assess someone’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as offer guidance on how best to approach education or employment. Brainstack’s assessment is unique because it assesses a user’s interests and personality, as well as their career planning. Career guidance has been provided through frameworks such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Holland Codes in the past. However, this approach does not take into account individual strengths and weaknesses in a modern-day setting.

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Connect With The Right Universities/ Course Providers

Assessment results are matched to ‘listed’ universities majors/ courses and high demand career options within the career clusters, utilising this information to help students decide on a major and identify career goals.

With over 500 careers in our database, Brainstack’s Career Quiz will assess your interests, skills and personality traits so that you can find a suitable course or university degree at one of Australia’s leading education providers. For example: if an individual has an interest in being a veterinarian but they have low grades OR a different interest in maths while their grades are high then we will match them with the university course that best suits their needs

We also offer free access to vocational training for those who have been disadvantaged or have a disability

The assessment matches individuals with suitable courses and universities, as well as high demand career options within the career clusters

When you take our Career Quiz, we will match you to ‘listed’ universities majors/courses and high demand career options within the career clusters

Our AI-powered assessment results are matched to ‘listed’ universities majors/courses and high demand career options within the career clusters, utilising this information to help students decide on a major, as well as identify and set career goals.

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Tackling The Most Crucial
Of Recent Graduates

Too Many Career Options

Hundreds of career possibilities buzzing around in students heads. When overwhelmed with options, they often choose none.


Unsatisfied Graduates

Overwhelming & disheartening experience when applying for jobs, due to 'lack of engagement' during their course - that's online learning gone wrong or is the choice?


Lack Of Clarity

Finding it hard to focus and narrow down on the right career path. Careers are no longer linear at least not after the pandemic.


The Real Brains
Behind BrainStack

You Know What Cool People Do When They Get Together? They Do 'Super-Cool' Stuff, Just Like That, Brainstack's Team Is Committed To Make A Positive Difference In 21st Century Students And Graduates Equipping Them With Some Super Cool Platform.

Andy Kulkarni

CEO & Co-Founder

Andy is a certified online business consultant and digital project management professional, has international corporate experience with a history of scaling business’ online presence and establish brand dominance.

Latest of his achievement includes scaling niche business to add $500K revenue in less than 12 months using multi-dimensional marketing strategies.

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Sobin Sebastian

CTO & Co-Founder

Sobin has previous experience working in early-stage edtech startups. He’s currently the manager at Woolworths Leading and Scaling the store's sales. Co-Founded Brainstack which is working

on solving some of the key issues and challenges faced by students with the help of AI.

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Fred Jameson

CDO & Co-Founder

Fred is a qualified Business Analyst, a seasoned Performing Artist and has over 8 years of experience under his belt spanning a range of areas including IT, Marketing, Client Solutions, Finance and Media. Hailing from an Indian background,

with a Middle Eastern upbringing, followed by an Australian touch, diversity in culture & people are his Forte.Actively involved with several private and government projects, on a global scale.

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